The Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register

The Davis-Monthan Airfield Register, and other Airfield Registers, are a rich repository of Golden Age people, lore and technology. They are multi-level in their appeal.

You can order a facsimile copy of the Davis-Monthan Register from the link at right. Not only is it a biographical springboard, but also it is a socio-technical record of aviation culture during the most vigorous growth period of the flying arts in the United States.

There are all manner of interesting topics to explore, driven out by thoughtful review and analysis of the airfield Registers.

Sometimes these topics demand closer attention and further development. Said attention and development sometimes leads to the publications you see at right.

The purpose of this page is to list items that are published as they relate directly to the Registers of the Delta Mike Airfield, Inc. project.


Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register
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____  2007. Military Aircraft of the Davis-Monthan Airfield 1925-1936.  Available at the link, or please use this FORM to order a copy signed by the author as long as supplies last..

____ 2007. Art Goebel’s Own Story by Art Goebel.   60 pages. Free download at the link. Please use this FORM to order a perfect bound copy signed by the author as long as supplies last.

____ 2009. Winners' Viewpoints: The Great 1927 Trans-Pacific Dole Race. Kindle Edition.

____ 2010. The Congress of Ghosts. Kindle Edition.

____ 2017. Clover Field: The first Century of Aviation in the Golden State. Paperback. Perfect-bound, 281 pages with black & white photographs. ISBN: 9781549949845.



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Hyatt, G.W. 2010. "The Congress of Ghosts." Skyways: The Journal of the Airplane 1920-1940. Volume 90, April 2010. Your copy of the article is available as a PDF download directly from the REFERENCES section of


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