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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

Collection of Ruth Richter Holden and daughter Susan Holden Walsh. Their website about Paul Richter can be found here.

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Registration Number NC6505

A Brand-New Airplane In The National Air Tour, 1928

This aircraft is an Alexander Eaglerock A-4, S/N 564 (ATC# pending). It was built with a center section of “new type.” It was manufactured in June 1928 by the Alexander Aircdraft Company, Colorado Springs, CO. It came from the factory with a 180 HP Hispano-Suiza “E” engine S/N 49236. It weighed 2,230 pounds.

It was expressly made, “to be flown in Ford Air Tour.” Engineering data for the airplane had been received by the Department of Commerce, but it was not examined as of 6/24/28. That is why the ATC was pending.

NC6505 Eaglerock

We meet the airplane at Tucson on 7/10/1928, flown in the Air Tour by Cloyd Peart Clevenger. He was inbound from El Paso, destination unspecified, but he was headed west with the Tour. He carried a passenger who was unidentified in the Register. They eventually placed 18th in the Tour.

Image, left, courtesy of Ruth Richter Holden. See reference in left sidebar. Date unsure, but it was certainly between June 1928 and April 1930. Please follow this link for another image of NC6505 on this site.


Image below, from the Hudgin Family Collection, shows his airplane and its pertinent data as published in the Alexander Aircraft Co. house magazine, The Alexander Aircrafter.


The airplane must have been owned by the factory during the Tour, since its first record of sale was in August to J.O. Eychaner of Kaycee, WY. It had a new Hispano-Suiza engine installed, S/N 47496. It was sold for, “cross-country and coyote hunting—sheep ranch business.” Pilot Eychaner (limited commercial license #1949) crashed the airplane in Casper, WY on 12/21/29. he and a passenger were uninjured. The landing gear strut failed and the airplane nosed over damaging the landing gear, lower wings, center section, fittings, and twisted the fuselage. He must have waited until the winter was over to repair the airplane, because four months later....

The registration was cancelled 4/4/30 after the, “ship burned 6 mi. south of Cheyenne on Denver Highway, while being transported to factory at Colorado Springs, CO for repair, motor salvaged, ship a washout.”


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