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There is no data card for this airplane at the National Air & Space Museum, because NC8584 is on exhibit at a museum.


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NC8584 bore S/N A-98. It was manufactured in 1929 and owned by the Johnson's Wax Company, Racine, WI. The airplane landed twice at Tucson, both times flown with one passenger by Ed Hedeen. He landed on February 20, 1930 with a passenger identified as D.W. Young. And on January 25, 1931 with passenger C. Fox. Image below, from Terry Bowden (right sidebar). Date unknown.

NC8584 (Source: Bowden)

The following link provides additional information on the airplane and Hedeen, and has an image of NC8584 as it appears today on display at EAA Chapter 838 in Racine. This link to our MOTION PICTURES page has a video clip of the airplane as it appeared on September 28, 2009. The film features dialogues with Tom Kalina, the last Johnson Wax corporate pilot to fly NC8584 in 1989, and with Roy Stewart, who, at the age of five, flew in the airplane with pilot Hedeen in 1930.

Following are photographs taken of the airplane at its Museum residence in Racine on September 28, 2009. Below, a front view of the airplane showing the J-6 engine.

NC8584, Front View (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584, Front View

Below, a profile of the fuselage showing the Waco logo and Johnson's Wax Company lettering. Note the selection of vintage Johnson's Wax products, including floor waxes and varnishes.

Waco NC8584 Profile (Source: Webmaster)
Waco NC8584 Profile

Below, detail of the Waco logo.

Waco Logo Detail, NC8584 (Source: Webmaster)
Waco Logo Detail, NC8584


J-6 Engine, Side View, NC8584 (Source: Webmaster)
J-6 Engine, Side View, NC8584
NC8584 Coaming Detail (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584 Coaming Detail

Above, a detail of the lettering below the coaming of the rear cockpit. Below, the rudder with the federal registration number that was assigned in 1929 and never left the airframe for 80 years.

NC8584 Rudder & Registration Number (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584 Rudder & Registration Number



NC8584 was received in 1929 with a Wright J-5 engine installed. As it sits in the Museum, above, right, it is equipped with a J-6 engine.


Below, a profile showing details of the engine and landing gear. Note the Johnson's floor varnish and the selection of vintage tools in the oil drip pan.

NC8584, Profile of Front Port Fuselage (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584, Profile of Front Port Fuselage

Below, pilot's-eye view of the rear cockpit interior showing a mix of modern and vintage instruments. NC8584 was flown solo from the rear cockpit.

NC8584 Rear Cockpit Interior (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584 Rear Cockpit Interior

Below, the front cockpit, wide enough to seat two passengers. The front cockpit was equipped with a throttle, altimeter, control stick and rudders. It was not equipped with engine instruments or a clock.

NC8584 Front Cockpit Interior (Source: Webmaster)
NC8584 Front Cockpit Interior


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The top image on this page is shared with us by Terry Bowden.
Thanks to Tim and Tom Kalina for gaining access for us to photograph NC8584 at Racine, WI.
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