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There is no biographical file for pilot Granger in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


"Clema M. Granger, Pioneer Aviatrix, Succumbs at 89". The Desert Sun. June 29, 1983. See the article, bottom right.


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Mildred Clema (Baxter) Granger was born on Sept 25, 1893, in Oskaloosa, Iowa and died on June 28, 1983 in Palmdale, California.  She held pilot’s license #1542.  She married fellow Register pilot James E. Granger on April 29, 1911 in Los Angeles, CA. Jim Granger was her flight instructor. They had a son, Norman, who contributes information to this page (cited, right sidebar).

Please direct your browser to Jim Granger's biography page for details around his life. Also at that link is a biography of Mr. Granger, as well as an essay on "The Golden Age of Local Air Racing", which focuses on that subject near and around Santa Monica's Clover Field during the time Jim and Clema were in residence there.

They enjoyed marriage until 1934 when Jim was killed in an aircraft accident. Shortly after Jim’s death, Clema moved to Palm Springs, CA with her son where she lived until about 1978.  

In the image, below, Clema Granger is wearing the broad-brimmed hat standing immediately behind Amelia Earhart's left shoulder. The other women in the image are, from the left, Pancho Barnes, Elizabeth McQueen (a supporter of early women's aviation activities), Amelia Earhart, Clema Granger, Elizabeth Kelly Inwood, Gladys O'Donnell (in helmet and goggles), Janet Roberts, Mildred Morgan and Valentine Sprague. The linked women (except for McQueen) are Register pilots.

Clema Granger, Center, 1932, With Other Women of Aviation (Source: Granger)
Clema Granger, Center, 1932, With Other Women of Aviation

This image is inscribed at the bottom to Elizabeth Inwood and signed and dated by Amelia Earhart in 1932. The women are identified from a similar image, here, which was taken during the same photo session. The photo at the link probably precedes the one above, as some of the women were not prepared for the photographer.

Below, her 1983 obituary from the Desert Sun. She was a member of the Ninety-Nines organization of women pilots. We find that she abandoned her flying in 1934 upon the death of her husband.

Obituary, June 29, 1983 (Source: Granger)
Obituary, June 29, 1983


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Images courtesy of Clema's son, Norm Granger, and grandson Tom.
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