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Primary information for pilot Hudgin was provided by his nephew, Louis Hudgin. Images in the center column of this page are from the Hudgin Family Collection.

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And here is how it developed. WORKING ON THIS....

Al Hudgin's Pilot License, 1931-1932


Al Hudgin, Early 1930s, Eaglerock NC3786

The photo, left, shows Al in the early 1930s posed by his Alexander Eaglerock NC3786. He landed four times at the Airfield in this airplane between February and October 1930.

He landed at the Airfield in two other aircraft, a Curtiss Wright Junior NC10999 in the fall of 1931, and during 1932 in another airplane, Arrow Sport NC9331.




Al Hudgin, Late 1930s








Al Hudgin and Mary Gambee

The pilot license shown above was in effect when Al signed into the Register carrying as his passenger Mary Gambee. They were married...








Photo, right, is of the living male relatives of Al Hudgin on October 2, 2005.

RIGHT, Henry Hudgin, Al's brother who worked at the FBO at the Airfield; CENTER, Louis, Al's nephew (Henry's son), a pilot for the AZ DOT; LEFT, Alfred Hudgin, Louis' son and Al's namesake, a graduate A&P mechanic.


Dossier 2.1.34



The Register


Here is how our webpage for Al Hudgin began. Through this website I received the following email from his nephew on June 8, 2005.

"Name: Louis Hudgin

Email: xxxxx

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Entity: Alfred A. Hudgin
Information: Alfred A. (Armstrong) Hudgin was my uncle. Al began his aviation career in 1927 in Nogalas, AZ. He soon moved to Tucson and was in the FBO business at Davis- Monthan until just before WWII when the Army moved all civilian operators off the field. He then moved to the current location of the Tucson International airport and built the first building there and scraped the desert off to make the first runway. The Hudgin brothers Louis, Walt, Palen, and Henry continued in the TUS business until 1988. They also owned and operated Grand Canyon Airlines from 1950 to 1970. Al was enshrined into the Arizona Aviation Hall Of Fame in 1993.
I have a lot of photos, articles and other memoribilia on Al, the Hudgin Bros, TUS, GCN, old airplanes(including the airplanes Al registered), airports etc. I might be able to help fill in some of the gaps in early Tucson and AZ aviation history.
Let me know if I can help..."

This page is another perfect example of how I want this website to work. Each and every one of the people identified in the Register, whether famous or not, has a story that is inherently interesting.

I am delighted to be able to speak with family members about their relatives who visited Davis-Monthan Airfield during the period of the Register.

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