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Your copy of the "Davis-Monthan Airfield Register" with all the pilots' signatures and helpful cross-references to pilots and their aircraft is available at the link. Or use this FORM to order a copy signed by the author. ISBN 978-0-9843074-0-1.


A source for this page is the book titled, "Airports and Established Landing Fields in the United States, 1933", published by The Airport Directory Company, Hackensack, NJ. Refer to page 162 of that book.


Another is: U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Air Commerce. 1937. Descriptions of Airports and Landing Fields in the United States. U.S. Government Printing Office. 222 pp. Pages 130-139 specifically describe New York airfields. This book was donated in 2007 to Delta Mike Airfield, Inc. by Tim Kalina. Note to pilots: This book is similar to the contemporary AFD.


This link provides information and images about Floyd Bennett Field through its life. The images on this page provide close-up views of some of the buildings in the image at center. This airfield still exists in operational form and is used occasionally for fly-ins, and for police helicopters.


This link has fewer images, but contains more information about Floyd Bennett.


This link has several different pages, all devoted to Floyd Bennett Field. There are many photographs, and a timeline outlining the record flights originating or terminating at the airfield through the years.


This link has several different photos of activities at the airfield.


This link holds photos of the contemporary environs of the airfield.


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This famous Golden Age airfield was named in honor of Register pilot Floyd Bennett. Please direct your browser to his link to see why. Below, Floyd Bennett Field from the 1933 reference in the left sidebar. This photo is identified as having been taken by Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc. A couple of Register airplanes and at least one pilot were affiliated with Fairchild Aerial Surveys. See, for example, Elrey Jeppesen, NR8016 here and here, and NC9174.

Floyd Bennett Field, Ca. 1933
Floyd Bennett Field, Ca. 1933

The description associated with this photograph states that all buildings were outlined with neon tube corner markers, and that the wind T, standard circle, and roof lettering were all illuminated. This must have been a stunning airfield to approach at night.

Further, it states there are two runways, as shown. Note the difference four years later (below) when there was a total of four runways. There was a telephone on the field' number Nightingale 4-3600. Weather reports were available at the field as well.

Taxi cabs ran into Manahattan, as did buses at fifteen minute intervals. There was a restaurant at the field. Fuel, oil and repair facilities were available 24/7. There was no fee for landing or for flood lighting. Aircraft could be stored for $2.00 per day and up, depending on size, or $30 per month.

A U.S. Naval Reserve Base was at the field (commanded at one point by Register pilot D.F. Smith), as were Erickson & Remmert, hangar operators, and the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co., Inc., an aeronautical parts and equipment supplier. You may download their 1931 catalog here.

Below, the description of Floyd Bennett Field from the 1937 Department of Commerce directory cited in the left sidebar.

Description of Floyd Bennett Field, 1937
Description of Floyd Bennett Field, 1937

The links in the left sidebar are rich with additional information and photographs.



The Register
Three pilots identified Brooklyn, NY as their home base. However, 42 pilots identified "New York, NY" as their home base. Some of these could have been based at Floyd Bennett Field.

I'm looking for other photographs of Floyd Bennet Field and surrounds to include on this page. If you have one or more you'd like to share, please use this FORM to contact me.

---o0o--- Congress of Ghosts is an anniversary celebration for 2010.  It is an historical biography, that celebrates the 5th year online of and the 10th year of effort on the project dedicated to analyze and exhibit the history embodied in the Register of the Davis-Monthan Airfield, Tucson, AZ. This book includes over thirty people, aircraft and events that swirled through Tucson between 1925 and 1936. It includes across 277 pages previously unpublished photographs and texts, and facsimiles of personal letters, diaries and military orders. Order your copy at the link, or use this FORM to order a copy signed by the author.  ISBN 978-0-9843074-4-9.



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