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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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Registration Number 7575

“Disassembled And Junked”

This aircraft is a Stinson SM-1B Detroiter, manufacturer’s serial number 273 (ATC #GR2-24). It was manufactured 8/19/1928 by Stinson Aircraft Corporation, Northville, MI. It left the factory with a 220 HP Wright Whirlwind engine, S/N B 9085 or 9083 (not clear from the record). It weighed 3,485 pounds as a six-place aircraft. It was sold on 8/30/28 to Port Angeles Air Transport, Inc. of Port Angeles, WA for $12,500. It was to be operated, “Seattle – Port Angeles – Victoria, B.C.” on a twice-daily, 50 minute schedule.

Our airplane comes once to Tucson on 9/7/1928 piloted by Ed Merritt with W.A. Brubaker as passenger. With their homebase identified as Northville, MI, this was obviously the first cross-country flight of this brand new airplane from the factory to the new owners.

It suffered an accident in Portand, OR on 2/7/29. There was damage to the landing gear and propeller when a tire went flat and an, “aerol strut collapsed when landing.” Pilot J.P. Livermore (transport license #2307) and passengers Al French and “Jump” Goodwin (wonder what his occupation was) were uninjured.

It sold three more times over the next decade, moving south on 7/23/38 to Marysville, CA owner William A. Brander. It had accumulated 1806:15 flight hours as of 9/14/38. Mr. Brander died in November 1939 and the airplane became the property of his widow, Mabel E. Brander as of 5/4/40. CAA inspector Hughes wrote in a memo of 4/1940 that, “Stinson 7575 is completely disassembled and junked.”


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