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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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Registration Number NC7611

Assumed To Be In Mexico

This aircraft is a Spartan C-3, S/N 65 manufactured 8/28/28 by the Spartan Aircraft Company, Inc. of Tulsa, OK. It had a 125 HP Siemens-Halske 9 cylinder radial engine installed, S/N 19374. It weighed 2,150 pounds in three-seat configuration. This airplane landed twice at Tucson.

It sold on 9/20/28 to the Loomis Oil Well Control Co., Long Beach, CA for $5,000. It was to be used for, “school and general taxi service.” It landed for the first time at Tucson on 9/6/1928 piloted by Charles E. Parker. He carried Glenn Condon as passenger. With Tulsa entered as their homebase and their destination as Los Angeles, this was probably the ferry flight west from the factory.

It stayed in the California area, sold three more times and was repossessed twice before being purchased on 8/15/31 by Frank D. Bowman, Jr. and Lawrence Phelan of Berino, NM. On 1/28/32, private pilot Bowman crashed the airplane in Berino and, “washed out landing gear, right wings and propeller.” For his performance, his pilot license was suspended on 2/8/32 for an unspecified period.

That period was probably less than six months, because Mr. Bowman flew the airplane to Tucson the second time on 8/22/1932. He carried no passengers and was eastbound from Yuma, AZ. After this, the airplane sold five more times over the next five years.

It sold finally on 10/1/36 to Abraham Carrasco of El Paso, TX. Mr. Carrasco, a citizen of Mexico, did not reply to government questionnaires. The airplane was assumed to be in Mexico and the registration was cancelled on 10/15/37.


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