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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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LAIRD LC-1B-300 NC10402

NC10402 is a Laird model LC-1B-300 (S/N 188, ATC#353) manufactured during 1930.  It left the factory with a Wright R-975 engine of 330HP.  It was a three-place biplane.  It sold, date unlisted, to Raymond F. Devener of Hanover, PA.

NC10402 landed at Tucson on Monday, January 11, 1932 at 12:30PM flown solo by Thomas Colby. Colby flew NC10402 in the 1931 (final) Ford Air Tour, not as a competitor, but as a marketing exercise for his business.  You can see an image of this airplane and learn more about it and Colby's business at Colby's link.

The NASM record is very sparse about this airplane between its initial ownership and 1946.  It was owned during 1946 by two people, Greg Quaadman of Long Beach, CA and by R.L. O’Neal of Wilmar, CA. 

Update of 02/18/10 NC10402 is flying again. Thanks to friend of, Tim Kalina, for finding it at a link that no longer active as of August 30, 2017. I have captured the photo as a PDF file (330kb). Note that it is painted as it was during the 1931 Ford Air Tour (and probably the way it was when it visited Tucson a few months later).

Update of 12/13/14 NC10402 was for sale. Below are two photos from the online sales brochure.

Laird NC10402, 2014, Location Unknown (Source: Link)
Laird NC10402, 2014, Location Unknown (Source: Link)


Laird NC10402, 2014, Location Unknown (Source: Link)

Update of 06/04/15 NC10402 now lives in the Show Hangar at the Allen Airways Flying Museum (AAFM) in El Cajon, CA. Below, from the link, is a photograph as it sits on exhibit.

Laird NC10402 on Exhibit (Source: AAFM)


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