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A copy of the Davis-Monthan Airfield Register is available here.

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Waco NC14086
Waco NC14086

Waco NC14086 landed at Tucson once on December 1, 1935 piloted by M.W. Sawyer of Tucson, AZ.

He carried one passenger, "Breezy" Cox. They arrived from Florence, AZ and Sawyer noted in the Remarks column of the Register, "Rodeoing". The airplane bore S/N 4220 and it was manufactured in 1934. NC14086 was owned by Marshall Sawyer.

The "Rodeoing" remark is significant, since L.B. "Breezy" Cox was, indeed, a rodeo performer of some reputation, and a champion all-around cowboy. For example, he was the saddle bronc champion at the 1925 and the tie-down roping champion of 1926 at the Calgary Stampede.

L.B. "Breezy" Cox, ca. late 1920s
L.B. "Breezy" Cox, ca. late 1920s

At right, an image of Cox riding the bronco "Black Powder", probably in a Texas rodeo.

He got into horse racing in 1940 as trainer and owner. He and a partner bought and sold a couple of horses and, in 1944, had a winner over the mile in a horse named "Hard Twist". They had parlayed an original $300 investment in their first horse into a win of $11,770 at the Longacres Mile. All totaled they won over $38,000 with "Hard Twist".

In his later years (1977) Cox trained a buffalo, named "Lollipop" to be a mascot for the West Texas State University athletic teams. As well, he taught a team of campus "Herdsmen" to handle "Lollipop" on their own during their games.

Waco NC14086
Waco NC14086


The dates and locations of the airplane images are unknown.








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President (as of the upload date of this page) Andy Heins of the National Waco Club sent the images at left. Andy  runs the day to day business of the Club, and we should all thank him for the effort he expended to help us understand better the Waco aircraft that landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield way back when.

Image of "Breezy" Cox courtesy of the El Paso, TX Public Library.
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