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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

Aircraft image from Arizona Daily Star, Spring, 1970.

Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register
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Registration Number NC4280

Local Plane Lost

Here is another example of the short life of many of the aircraft that landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield. NC4280 was barely four months old when it was wrecked by Gilbert W. Sykes flying on a letter of authorization.

This aircraft is a Waco 10, S/N 1298. The Advance Aircraft Co., Troy, OH built it on 2/14/1928. It was equipped with a 90 HP Curtiss OX-5 engine, S/N 5077. It weighed 2,025 pounds. It was purchased in February by American Aircraft Corp. (Theodore T. Hull, Pres.), Merritt Bldg., Los Angeles, CA. American Aircraft was a Waco distributor, based at Clover Field, Santa Monica, CA.

Waco 10, NC4280

It was sold on 2/22/28 for $2,590 to Charles W. Mayse of Tucson: it lived its life as a local airplane. Mayse ran the Mayse Air Service from his own private airfield, offering flight training and charters. He sold it “prior to” 6/2/28 to Irene L. Lindley of Tucson, with no transfer papers or application. Ms. Lindley was soon to become Gilbert Sykes' wife.

NC4280 appears in the Register twice, on 5/4 and 6/5/28, flown each time by Gilbert Sykes, a local Tucson pilot. Each time he was flying in from Phoenix. Five days after his last Register entry, on 6/8/28, pilot Sykes had an accident with NC4280 near Prescott, AZ. The accident report cites, “Light air conditions at high altitude. Plane went into spin from stall when turn was attempted to avoid a mountain. Insufficient height above ground for recovery.” Pilot Sykes endured “minor injuries.” You can see an image of the aftermath of this accident at the Sykes link above.

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