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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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This airplane is a model A-3 Alexander Eaglerock (S/N 648) manufactured during September 1928 by the Alexander Aircraft Co., Colorado Springs, CO. It came from the factory with a Hispano-Suiza model A engine of 150HP (S/N 43326). It sold originally on November 2, 1928 to Inland Eaglerock Aircraft Co., Inc. of Spokane, WA. From the NASM record, it appeared to be used as a demonstrator for the company until it suffered an accident at Woodland, WA on July 13, 1929. It acquired, "in landing damage to L/G, prop & 2 right wings." Parts were replaced with new at Vancouver, WA.

About a month after the accident and repairs, NC6314 landed at Tucson on August 15, 1929 flown solo by Elrey B. Jeppesen. Based at Dallas, TX, the itinerary that brought him to Tucson was from Portland, OR to Santa Monica, CA. A few weeks later it sold on September 7, 1929 to L.M. Boyd and Russell M. Rayot of Portland, OR. They installed Hisso engine S/N 83420. There is no indication from the NASM record or from the Davis-Monthan Register what Jeppesen might have been doing with the airplane.

Boyd and Russell kept NC6314 until August 8, 1932 when it sold to Western Aero Dusting, Co. of Portland, OR. They installed a dusting hopper and reinstalled Hisso engine S/N 43326. The airframe was restricted for crop dusting and the "NR" license was issued August 1932. The airplane had accumulated 310 flight hours.

NC6314 sold again on May 16, 1933 to L.L. Bruning of Portland in what appears to be a realignment of corporate assets. Bruning transferred the airplane three days later to Aero Agricultural Service Co. of Portland. Between this date and sometime in 1941-42, the airplane served as an agricultural duster. It sold at least four more times to owners from Oregon to Mississippi, each using it for dusting.

It suffered an accident one mile east of Hollandale, MS on July 18, 1942. Pilot Gene Lackey (private license #152809) was uninjured. The official report says, "Pilot practicing for comm. flight test. When weather closed in he could not land at Leland airport and landed here. On takeoff, aircraft struck a mud hole and cracked up. Damage to: prop, engine case, engine mount, L/G, both lower wings and right upper wing, fuselage from cockpit forward & center section."

Later that year NC6314 sold to James Greer of Palmetto, FL. Greer did not respond to federal correspondence and the registration was cancelled February 20, 1950. No further information.



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