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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

A respectfully written book (authored by Shelton's long-time attorney) is: Schleit, Philip. 1982. "Shelton's Barefoot Airlines". Fishergate Pub. Co. Annapolis, MD. This Fokker is mentioned on page 10 of Schleit's book.

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Registration Number NC8015

Flown By A Budding Entrepreneur South Of The Border

This aircraft was a Fokker Universal, S/N 435 (ATC #9), manufactured in July 1928 by the Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, Teterboro Airport, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. It left the factory with a 200 HP Wright J-5A engine, S/N 8947. It sold 8/7/28 to California Airways, Inc. of Los Angeles, and on 10/4/29 to Pacific Finance Corp. of Los Angeles.

It sold again on 3/3/31 to C.M. Walker, but was repossessed by Pacific Finance, due to Walker being in jail on a federal offense. It again sold to William M. Schoenfeldt of Los Angeles on 3/3/31 (probably with a note to Pacific Finance, see below).

During Schoenfeldt’s stewardship, the airplane landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield on 9/21/31 piloted by barnstormer C.N. Shelton. Shelton became a major force in Central and South American transport aviation during his later career.

Shelton carried three passengers on his visit to Tucson, including Ken Poe, a mechanic. Although the final destination for the airplane was stated as Bogota, Colombia, it is fairly clear from a book written about Shelton (Schleit's book, referred to at the left) , that he, the airplane and his passengers wound up in Costa Rica.

The airplane returned briefly to the U.S. Ultimately, the Fokker was repossessed on 1/19/32 by W.R. Webb of Los Angeles, who had purchased the note from Pacific Finance. On 2/20/32, the airplane was sold to R.F. Schlutsmeyer of Los Angeles. The record notes that both Schoenfeldt and Schlutsmeyer were operating in Costa Rica in 1932. The final disposition of the airplane is unknown, the record simply stating, “Probably flown to Costa Rica.” Indeed it was.


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