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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.


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TRAVEL AIR S-6000-B NC8176

Registration Number NC8176

The Owner Rode Shotgun

This airplane is a Travel Air Model S-6000-B, manufacturer’s serial number 968. It was manufactured 3/18/1929 by Travel Air Manufacturing Company, Inc., Wichita, KS. It came from the factory with a 300 HP Wright J-6 engine, S/N 10198. The five-place airplane weighed 4,230 pounds. It was purchased, and license applied for, on 3/18/29 by T.A.T. Flying Service, Fort Worth, TX.

It was involved in an accident in Stockbridge, GA on 11/15/29, because of, “forced landing due to rain and fog. Unable to locate suitable landing place.” There was damage to propeller and landing gear. Pilot Thomas F. Gill (transport license #217) and five passengers were uninjured.

It was repaired and transferred as a six-place airplane without bill of sale in December 1929 to S.A.T. Flying Service, Inc., Fort Worth, TX. It went through two engine changes with S.A.T., and then, on 10/8/31 it was sold to Reginald L. Robbins of Fort Worth, TX. Another Wright J-6 engine was installed, and the copilot seat was moved to the rear and all baggage compartments were removed as of 10/24/31.

On 11/27/31 the airplane was sold to Will Horwitz, Houston, TX. Horwitz had a student pilot permit. He must have had the copilot’s seat replaced, because the record states that the, “owner rides in copilot’s seat.”

We find NC8176 at Tucson somewhere between the 1st and 10th of February 1932, piloted by W.A. Stewart carrying Mr. & Mrs. Will Horwitz as passengers. Their homebase is cited as Houston, TX, but their origin and destination are not recorded.

On 11/16/32 the airplane sold to E.D. Mathis of McAllen, TX. There is no record of total flight time, as the airplane records were lost. The NASM record does say that the airplane was not flown while in possession of Mathis. He sold it on 2/14/33 to Sr. Benigno Ferrato, Governor of the State of Michoacan, Uruapan, Mexico. The airplane went to Mexico and the registration was cancelled 3/3/33.



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