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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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Registration Number NC8206

Illegal Activities Going On?

This aircraft is an Alexander Eaglerock A-1, S/N 764 (ATC# 57). It was manufactured in February 1929 by the Alexander Aircraft Company, Colorado Springs, CO. It came from the factory with a 220 HP Wright J-5 engine S/N B9156. It weighed 2,491 pounds as a three-place airplane. It landed at Tucson three times.

On 2/15/29 it was sold to Franklin W. Wakefield of San Francisco, CA. Mr. Wakefield was a mining engineer with Clinton-Stephenson Construction Co., Ltd. of San Francisco.

We welcome NC8206 to Tucson for the first time on 2/17/1929 piloted by R.C. Schrader carrying one passenger, F.W. Wakefield. They were westbound from Lordsburg, NM to Yuma, AZ, probably ferrying the airplane from the factory with the new owner on board.

There is notation of an “accident” and “complete o’haul & repair”, and conversion “from seaplane to land plane.” There is also notation of the installation of new factory landing gear, new tail surfaces, four rebuilt wings and re-covering of fuselage” with an inspection and approval as of 12/27/29.

We find the airplane at Tucson twice more on 6/3/1930 flying from San Francisco to El Paso carrying passengers. Clinton and Wakefield, and on 6/6/1930 westbound from Midland, TX to Los Angeles carrying Mr. Clinton. Both flights were piloted by Charles P. Cooley.

There was another report of an accident in Mexico on 11/29/32, but that was found to be in error. It was stored in a hangar at Tucson, AZ as of 12/16/32. On 12/19/32, an unidentified contributor states, “On one occasion my aeroplane was taken from the landing field at Hermosillo, Mexico without his knowledge or consent. Cites illegal activities going on.” There is no other part of the NASM record that suggests the airplane had business in Mexico, or that it was stored there.

There is a gap in the record, with the final entry stating, “Airplane in Honduras, Central America as of 7/18/33.” No further information. Registration cancelled 2/1/34.


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