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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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Six Year Old Dies in Mexico

This airplane (S/N M306, ATC# GR. 2-60) was manufactured by the Stinson Aircraft Coproration, Northville, MI in January 1929. It came from the factory with a Wright Whirlwind J-6 engine (S/N 10162) of 300 HP. It was a six-place airplane, weighing 4,300 pounds gross.

Although it was originally approved as an "NX" registration because it was the "first ship with new 300hp engine," it was converted to "NC" registration on August 8, 1929 after the ATC was approved.

The airplane sold originally on February 13,1929 to Harry H. Culver of Culver City, CA for $12,500. Mr. Culver was a realtor, and he purchased the airplane "for private use until ATC approved". And in fact he did use it a lot privately. As of June 12, 1929 the airplane had accumulated 156 flight hours and had visited "200 cities in cross-country trip across U.S."

NX9617, Early 1929

The image above shows NX-9617 from the right side, apparently taking off. Written on the back of the photo is: "Harry H. Culver's Stinson Detroiter (4 pass.) 1928, '29, '30. Culver City Miller's Airport - CA. Pilot: Capt. James Dickson."

Image, below, of Herbert Nelson and Harry Culver checking a map together. The photo caption was on an attached piece of paper: "Reading a map of the air trails of the country at the start of a new 'endurance flight' --business use of air transportation. Harry H. Culver, Culver City and Los Angeles, Calif., president of the National Association of Real Estate Boards (right), and his private Stinson-Detroiter in which he is making a year-long tour of the Association's 624 member boards. Herbert U. Nelson, Chicago, executive secretary of the Association, (left)."

National Tour, 1929

Image below shows the front of plane with James Dickson (left) checking engine and Harry Culver (center) shaking hands with Herbert Nelson (vice president of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. Harry was the president. On the back of the photo is written: "1929 Capt. Jimmy Dickson, Harry Culver, Herbert Nelson, 6 passenger Stinson Detroiter".

National Tour Preparations, 1929



Harry Culver, 1929

NC9617 visited Tucson five times. On December 7,1929 we find it at the Airfield piloted by Capt. James B. Dickson. Harry Culver is his lone passenger, and they are westbound from El Paso, TX to Santa Monica, CA and Clover Field.

Photo, right, shows Harry Culver standing in front of the right wing of his airplane. Written on the back of the photo is: "Fort Wayne, Ind., April 15, 1929. Harry H. Culver in front of his Stinson Detroiter speaking tour as Pres. of Natl. Board of Realtors".

In another ten of months, on February 24, 1930, Mr. Culver sold the airplane to E.C. Genereaux of 3781 Angeles Mesa Drive, Los Angeles, CA. The next four and final landings of NC9617 are piloted by Mr. Genereaux, carrying passengers east to destinations mostly in New Mexico.

Although the last landing by Genereaux is recorded on October 28, 1930, he owned the airplane for a few years after that and the record shows maintenance and modifications that he did. The airplane was overhauled and re-covered in fabric on May 3, 1932 at 739 flight hours total time. At 789.5 hours, he had two seats removed, converting it to a four-place aircraft.

On April 4, 1933 Genereaux sold the plane to George Moore of Long Beach, CA. On May 7, 1933 it suffered an accident at Glendale and its license was temporarily suspended. Moore sold it on July 1st to Randall M. Scott, Jr. of Long Beach, who had it repaired as of August 29th. The landing gear, tail wheel and left lower longerons needed attention. The airplane had accumulated about 850 flight hours.

Now the record gets sketchy. It was reconverted to a five-place airplane on September 6, 1933 and landing lights were installed on May 21, 1934. It was reported to be flown by one James Hicks (did not sign our Register).

On June 18, 1935 it was reported, "In dead storage in Mexicali, Mexico for the last six months." No further information. NC/NX9617 also landed at Clover Field, Santa Monica, CA and at the Davis-Monthan Airfield, Tucson, AZ.


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The Register

Images and information on this page, and those for pilot J.B. Dickson and airplane owner Harry H. Culver comes to us from Robert Battle, great grandson of H.H. Culver. Our warmest thanks to Rob.

I have only optimized and sized these images for use on the web. I have not cropped or modified them in any other way. You are seeing them as they were shared by Mr. Battle.


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