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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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TRAVEL AIR B-6000 NC9816


This airplane is a Travel Air B-6000 (S/N 1030; ATC #130) manufactured May 18, 1929 by the Travel Air Company, Wichita, KS. It left the factory with a Wright J-6 engine (S/N 10423) of 300HP. It was a six-place airplane, weighing 4,230 pounds gross.

It sold on May 18, 1929 to Harold J. Nichols of Corsicana, TX. NC9816 landed three times at Tucson, each time piloted by Harold Nichols. The first two landings on August 9, 1929 and August 23, 1929 appear to comprise a two week period spent on the west coast. On 8/9 he carried three passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Pedley and Mrs. Matthews. They were westbound from El Paso, TX to Long Beach, CA. On 8/23 he carried four passengers and they were eastbound from Yuma, AZ to El Paso.

Nichols' third visit was on December 22, 1930. He was westbound to Long Beach carrying two passengers. Nichols sold the airplane a year later on December 16, 1931 to Charles F. Pedley c/o American Airways, Love Field, Dallas, TX. The airplane had accumulated 319 flight hours (a lot of time considering its age of barely 17 months).

About a year after that, on October 15, 1932, Pedley sold NC9816 to Francisco Sarabia of Mexico City, Mexico. on that day permission was granted to Sarabia to fly the airplane on October 16-17 from Dallas to Laredo, TX where U.S. registration numbers were to be removed and Mexican numbers put on before it was flown into Mexico.

The final disposition states, "Sold in Mexico. U.S. reg.# cancelled 10/20/32".


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Francisco Sarabia died on June 7, 1939.
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