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Your copy of the Davis-Monthan Airfield Register with all the pilots' signatures and helpful cross-references to pilots and their aircraft is available here.


A brief history of NR(C)997E, with pictures and references to NR(C)996E, is available here (PDF 1.6 MB). This history was compiled by Robert G. Lock, the present owner and pilot of NC997E. Visit his Web site here.

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Ex-Duster Still Registered With the FAA

This workhorse airplane landed at Tucson Wednesday, May 21, 1930 at 1:14 PM. It was flown solo by Craig Bingham, who commented in the REMARKS column of the Register, "Too hot". Based in Houston, TX, he was westbound from Lordsburg, NM to Los Angeles, CA.

Interestingly, this airplane seems to be one of two new Command-Aires flying the same itinerary that day. NR997E, flown solo by pilot Mason Menefee, logged its arrival a minute after NR996E. Bingham also noted, "Too dusty and hot".

Equally as interesting, both these airplanes are still registered with the FAA, having been recently owned by the same person (refer to the PDF download in the left sidebar). Below, an image of NC996E. The logo on the fuselage says "Crop Dusting". The airplane is being operated by J.R. McDaniel of Fort Pierce, FL.  Note the dust hopper under the fuselage.

NR996E in Agricultural Duster Configuration, Date Unknown
NR996E in Agricultural Duster Configuration, Date Unknown

Today, the remains of NC996E are located in North Lakeland, FL at the Green Swamp Aerodrome. It is unrestored and not flying, and but no work is being done on it. 



The Register
Thanks to Robert Lock for information and images of NR996E.
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