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This image comes to us courtesy of the Klein Archive of Aviation Photographs available for view on this website.


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Fleet NS-36 landed twice at Tucson, first on or about May 2, 1933 and then on September 18, 1933. The date for this image (source left sidebar) is August 1, 1931. Notice the tail wheel. The type certificate for this model was granted on June 18, 1931, so this was a very new airplane in this picture.

Fleet NS-36 (Source: Klein Archive)
Fleet NS-36

The annotation on the original image says, "Fleet 9 DeLux, Kinner B-5  125 HP, NS36  c/n 505, US Dept of Commerce 8/1/31". The Department of Commerce insignia can be seen on the side of the fuselage.

The pilots who flew NS-36 to Tucson were identified as "Mouton" on 5/2 and James N. Peyton in September. Edison "Monte" Mouton worked for the Department of Commerce and is pictured in the group photograph exhibited on the page for Register pilot Gilbert Budwig. Mouton and Peyton were generally covering routes in Arizona and Texas. No purpose was listed for their flights.

An image of NS-36 similar to this one can be found in Juptner, vol. 5, page 85 (REFERENCES).


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