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The Rearwins, Salina, KS, Date Unknown (Source: Link)


The undated photograph at right shows Rae Rearwin (center, 1883-1969), his son Royce (left, 1910-2007), and his son Kenneth Rearwin (1913-2001).

Kenneth was the only Rearwin to sign any Register. He was one of a handful of Golden Age Register pilots who are known to have lived to see the 21st century (see also Alexander Chase, Harold Boddorff, John Miller, Bobbie Trout, Bill Piper, Jr., Ken Rearwin, Jesse McClure, Cameron Briggs, Busch Voights, and Bob Buck). All these pilots signed one or more of the airfield Registers that are the focus of these Web sites.

There were 21 landings by at least nine different Rearwin aircraft registration numbers. Some of them, like NX44E, have technographies on these Web sites.

Biographical Summaries of the Rearwins (Source: Webmaster)
Biographical Summaries of the Rearwins (Source: Webmaster)




The other Rearwins were NC15896 (appeared three times), NC15856 (once), NC20744 (three times), NC400V (once), NC535Y (twice) NC/NR591H (twice), NC592H (four times), and NR/NX44E (twice). Three Rearwins were unidentified by registration number.

All three Rearwins were cited in this REFERENCE, page 349, left. The three of them were the prime movers of Rearwin Aircraft & Engines, Inc., Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, KS. Please follow the link to explore the company and find photographs and documents related to the Rearwin lines of aircraft.

Rae was educated at Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, KS. He was president of the company. He founded the company in 1928 and built over 400 aircraft despite the Great Depression.

Three other Rearwins were logged at Oxnard Field, Albuquerque, NM (Web site not online yet). They were, NC15831, NC15855 and NC15897,




A summary of the Rearwin Company aircraft was published in Popular Aviation (PA), December, 1935, below.

Rearwin Model 7000 Speedster, Popular Aviation, December, 1935 (Source: PA)
Rearwin Model 7000 Speedster, Popular Aviation, December, 1935 (Source: PA)

The continuation follows, right column.

Rearwin Model 7000 Speedster, Popular Aviation, December, 1935 (Source: PA)
Rearwin Model 7000 Speedster, Popular Aviation, December, 1935 (Source: PA)




The Register

I'm looking for information and photographs of the Rearwins and their airplanes to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.


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