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Paul Codos & Maurice Rossi were signed in the Floyd Bennett Field Register on May 6, 1933. They cited an airplane, the large Bleriot Model 110 they identified as F-ALCC. It is not clear if the airplane was actually there with them on this date, or if the date was entered in error. The reason I say this is because there is a Getty Images photograph online that states in the photo caption, "Maurice Rossi and Paul Codos, famous French aviators, stand beside the plane 'Joseph LeBrix,' as it was brought to New York aboard the S.S. Champlain on June 21st." This date is over a month after they allegedly appeared in Brooklyn and signed the Register.

Sydney Morning Herald (AU), August 8, 1933 (Source: Web)

Regardless, their airplane was registered in France and was powered by a single Hispano-Suiza engine of 500HP (one source says 600HP). A four-bladed propeller converted the horsepower to thrust.

They named their airplane the "Joseph LeBrix." It had been shipped to New York a few weeks before their departure in anticipation of an attempt to set a major, straight-line flight record.

Moberly Monitor-Index (MO), August 7, 1933 (Source: newspapers.com)
Moberly Monitor-Index (MO), August 7, 1933 (Source: newspapers.com)

On the tails of some earlier, similar (most successful) record attempts of speed, distance and duration, on August 5-7, 1933, about three months after we find them signed in at Floyd Bennett Field, Codos & Rossi established a long-distance record by flying non-stop from Floyd Bennett Field, New York to Rayak, Syria, a distance of 5,630 miles, in F-ALCC. A one-minute movie clip of their departure from New York is at the link. Notice the two-wheeled cradle under the tail skid that was jetisoned later in the takeoff sequence.

Their eastbound flight was successful. Their flight log was published by the Moberly Monitor-Index (MO), August 7, 1933, left. They reached Syria in about 55 hours of continuous flight. Rossi was the pilot; Codos the pilot/mechanic. An online story of the flight is at the link. The Sydney Morning Herald, August 8, 1933, right, reported the progress of their feat.

Maurice Rossi (L) & Paul Codos, Ca. 1934 (Source: Web)
Maurice Rossi (L) & Paul Codos, Ca. 1934 (Source: Web)



From the late 1920s to 1938, both men continued their record attempts. All totaled, they set eleven records. At left, they are pictured ca. May 28, 1934 after an attempt to fly from Paris, France to San Diego, CA.

Due to engine problems, they failed at that attempt, landing rather at Floyd Bennett Field after flying most of the night in foul weather. Their fatigue shows in the photograph, left. another photograph, below, shows Rossi (L) and Codos in Paris before their eastbound departure. Their airplane, the Bleriot Model 110 F-ALCC, is behind them with the large, four-bladed propeller.


Rossi (L) & Codos in Paris, 1934 (Source: Woodling)
Rossi (L) & Codos in Paris, 1934 (Source: Woodling)

Paul Codos was born Maly 1, 1896 in France. He died of cancer January 30, 1960 in Paris. Maurice Rossi was born April 24, 1901 in Algeria. He died August 29, 1966. A translation of a biography of Paul Codos that appears online in French is at the link (PDF 43kB). The biography in original French with photographs is at the link.


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The Register

I'm looking for information and photographs of Codos & Rossi and their airplane to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.


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