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There is no biographical file for pilot Hadley in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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Ross Hadley landed four times at Tucson between 1928 and 1932. He favored Stearman aircraft, flying two different ones, NC5310 (landing once during 1928) and NC8809. He carried passengers each time, once carrying a May Hadley, perhaps his wife. On one occasion he noted "T-3189" next to his name. His transport pilot license number, no doubt.

At one point Hadley was president of Pacific Aeromotive Corp., a distributor of Wright engines and an aviation accessories maintenance shop based at Los Angeles Mines Field. The Social Security Index cites Ross Hadley born November 25, 1900 and died during January, 1984.

Below, courtesy of Andy Heins, Hadley poses with his big Stearman, NC8809. The patriotic paint scheme included stars and stripes.

Ross Hadley and Stearman NC8809 (Source: Heins)
Ross Hadley and Stearman NC8809 (Source: Heins)

Hadley flew throughout Europe and beyond with this airplane. Note the inscription on the strut that says "Hollywood to Singapore." Follow the link to 8809 to see a photograph of it on the ground in the Netherlands. Note the difference in wheel cover paint in that photo.

Below, also from Mr. Heins, is a photograph of Hadley performing maintenance on 8809. This photograph was perhaps taken during his Eurpoean tour, because the airplane in the background is identified as "-AAW," possibly a European registration.

Ross Hadley and Stearman NC8809 (Source: Heins)
Ross Hadley and Stearman NC8809 (Source: Heins)

Site visitor Tim Kalina states about the image, "I do think the location is Europe, most likely the UK. The aircraft in the background of this photo sure looks like the rear fuselage shape of a DH60 Moth.... Might be Moth EI-AAW which spent it's time in England and the UK. This Moth was originally registered as G-ACBU (and owned, I believe, at one time by Lady Heath) then sold to Ireland and re-registered in 1934. It crashed and was destroyed in England in 1935."

Hadley participated in the National Air Races of 1938 (Bendix Race) flying a Beech D-17S Staggerwing, NC18776 (race #44; not a Register airplane). He placed 5th, achieving 181.84 MPH in 11:13:46. Below, also from Mr. Heins, is a photograph of #44.

Hadley's Beech D-17S, 1938 NAR (Source: Heins)
Hadley's Beech D-17S, 1938 NAR (Source: Heins)

Another photograph of NC18776 is at the link (scroll down). Besides his experiences with Stearman and Beech aircraft, Hadley was the 6th owner of Pancho Barnes' Travel Air NC4419.



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I'm looking for information and photographs of pilot Hadley and his airplanes to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.
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