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There is no biographical file for pilot Waldorf in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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L.C. Waldorf in Braniff Uniform, Date Unknown (Source: Branifflist.com)
L.C. Waldorf in Braniff Uniform, Date Unknown (Source: Branifflist.com)

L.C. Waldorf landed once at Tucson, Monday, May 11, 1931. He flew a Douglas O-38 he identified as 31-426. He carried a single passenger named Sgt. Stauffer. Based at Riverside, CA March Field, they were eastbound to Dayton, OH. He wrote in the Remarks colulmn of the Register, "In on May 11th 1931, Enroute to Dayton, Ohio for Air Corps Exercises."

If you examine page 158 of the Register, you'll note that Waldorf was part of a flight of 27 other aircraft and pilots who signed the Register at the same time. It appears this was a major cross-country logistical movement of Army aircraft. What a glorious noise there must have been as they made their way from airfield to airfield.

The following information is quoted from an obituary for Loyd Waldorf. It comes to us courtesy of Branifflist.com Webmaster John North, cited in the right sidebar.

"Captain Loyd Clifford Waldorf was born in Hover, Washington in 1906 into a family who had immigrated to the U.S. from Sweden through Ellis Island, N.Y. in 1903.   He grew up in a simple, hard-working farm family.   He attended Washington State University, where he pledged Sigma Chi fraternity, following in the footsteps of his brother Eric.

"In 1926 he joined the National Guard, and at Camp Perry, Ohio, he competed in the National Rifle Matches, winning top awards in marksmanship.   While there, a friend encouraged him to enter the Army Air Corps.   This idea appealed to him as an excellent opportunity to become a pilot.   This decision took him to San Antonio, TX, where he did his primary training at Brooks Field, and he completed training with the Flying Cadet Detachment of the Air Corps Advanced Flying School at Kelly Field, in 1931.   He and his fellow graduates flew in the aerial ceremonies at the dedication of Randolph Field, known at its opening as 'the West Point of the Air.' [See Register pilot F. Trubee Davison for additional information about Randolph Field.]

"Waldorf’s commercial airline career began before the War, when he signed on as a co-pilot with TWA in the mid-thirties.   He came to Hanford Airlines on May 13, 1937 as a co-pilot and advanced to captain in 3 or 4 months.   He continued with the airline (interrupted by the War years) through the changeover to Mid-Continent.   On Jan. 1, 1950, he married Jane Comstock Taylor, a registered nurse from Liberty, TX, ushering in a "new lease on life" with a new emphasis on family.   His airline years continued, through the merger with Braniff in 1952.   He was initiated into the Braniff 20-year pilots' club in Kansas City in May of 1957.   That summer he moved with Jane and their 3 girls to Dallas.   Those years flew on, through the brightly colored planes of the re-vamped 'BI,' until his retirement, mandated by the FAA due to his age, in 1966.

L.C. Waldorf in U.S. Army Uniform, Date Unknown (Source: Branifflist.com)


"In World War II, Waldorf served in the European Theater of operations as Commanding Officer of the 440th Troop Carrier Group.   He attained the rank of Colonel and was responsible for the planning and supervision of his Group, which included 600 officers, 1100 enlisted men, and ninety C-47 aircraft.

"After flying many combat missions, he flew the lead plane in the first wave of troop carriers invading occupied Normandy just after midnight on D-day.   Upon cessation of hostilities, General Eisenhower assigned him to the Headquarters of U.S. Strategic Air Force in Europe.   His assignment in France was to establish uniform rules, regulations, & procedures for air traffic control and to establish airways throughout the European countries [see also Register pilot Benton Baldwin and his Photograph and Document Collection linked from his page].   He received many decorations, including the Croix de Guerre from France, and the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Clusters, 6 Bronze Stars, and the Presidential Unit Citation from our country.

"Waldorf dabbled in football and wrestling in his youth, and photography, carpentry, business (including farming), and real estate in his later years, but none of his hobbies ever could compare to flying, for the thrill, challenge, and fulfillment it provided him.   Wally will be remembered for his skill and good judgment in flying, his intellectual curiosity and his ability to teach, his service to his country, and his integrity - truly an 'officer and a gentleman.'"



The Register

I'm looking for information and photographs of pilot Waldorf and his airplane to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.

Thanks to John North, Webmaster of the Branifflist.com for sharing information on pilot Waldorf. Please note, this is a password protected Web site. If you have justification, you may log in as a guest, however. Follow the instructions on the home page of Branifflist.


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