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Your copy of the Davis-Monthan Airfield Register with all the pilots' signatures and helpful cross-references to pilots and their aircraft is available here.


A source for this page is the book titled, "Airports and Established Landing Fields in the United States, 1933", published by The Airport Directory Company, Hackensack, NJ. Refer to page 104 of that book.


U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Air Commerce. 1937. Descriptions of Airports and Landing Fields in the United States. U.S. Government Printing Office. 222 pp. This book is shared with us by Tim Kalina.


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Below, an image of the airport from directly overhead taken May 7, 1931, at high noon from 7,200 feet. This military photograph is shared with us by Tim Kalina. Mr. Kalina says about this image, "The dark hanger at the very left top is marked BOSTON M. The hanger to its right has what may be the Curtiss-Wright logo painted on top. The next hanger down the line reads CURTISS. The two dark hangers at the center right, with the row of four airplanes parked in front, are U.S. Army hangers (as you can read on the roof of one of them). A nice thing about these USAAC aerial photos is that they give not only the exact date but the time of day as well. And note that north is to the bottom of this photo."

In the original photo, at least 26 airplanes are visible on the ground near the hangars, with one operating on the landing surface. There is also a seaplane moored at the short ramp at the top of the airport property, with what looks like a small cluster of automobiles and perhaps a truck standing by.

Boston Municipal Airport, 1931
Boston Municipal Airport, 1931

In 1933, the airfield was a 100-acre, triangular, level cinder surface, six feet above sea level. Below, an oblique aerial image of the airport ( 1933 reference, left sidebar). Note the biplane (a Stearman C3B?). The compass orientation is about the same as the photo above, with north being toward the bottom of the image.

Restaurants were available at the field, as well as in the city of Boston. Cab cost 50-cents to get to town. Pilots could get fuel, oil and repair services. There were no landing fees, but flood lighting cost $10/hour "For extraordinary use".

Boston Municipal Airport, 1933
Boston Municipal Airport, 1933

Operators at the airport in 1933 included American Airways, Ames Skyways, Inc., a school and charter service, as well as aerial photography (they took the image above), Curtiss-Wright Air Terminals (school, charter trips, aerial photography), Inter-City Airlines, the National Guard 191st Observation Squadron, the U.S. Army Air Corps, New England Aircraft School and the New England Giro Corporation. There were seaplane landing and support facilities at a ramp on the southwest end of the field.

In 1937, the airfield is described by the Department of Commerce (1937 reference, left sidebar) as follows. Airport lighting, radio services and hangar signage were the same as for the 1933 facility description.

Boston Municipal Airport, 1937
Boston Municipal Airport, 1937

Below, Boston Logan International Airport as it appears today via Google Earth. I turned the image upside down so that north is to the bottom, as in the other two photos above. It appears that the area of the original landing field is now covered with terminal/gate structures. The contemporary runways are on landfilled areas to the left.

Boston Logan International Airport, 2008
Boston Logan International Airport, 2008



The Register
I'm looking for photographs of this airfield during the period of the Register to include on this page. If you have one or more you'd like to share, please use this FORM to contact me.

Ten Register pilots listed Boston, MA as their home base. One arrived at Tucson from Boston, and another three cited it as their destination.

Among them are John Martin, C.E. Shankle, Nancy Harkness, Robert Love, Joan Shankle and Horace Heisen.

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