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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

There are a half dozen other SM-6000-B Stinsons that landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield that share similar histories. Refer to this airplane's sister ships at these links: NC10814, NC10815, NC10843, NC10845, NC10847, NC10872, NC10893

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STINSON SM-6000 B NC10872

STINSON SM-6000 B NC10872


This airplane is a Stinson SM-6000B (S/N 5048; ATC #420) manufactured in July 1931 by Stinson Aircraft Corporation, Wayne, MI.  It came from the factory with three Lycoming R-680 engines (S/N L 615, R 614, C 610) of 215 HP each.  It was an eleven-place airplane weighing 8,600 pounds gross.

It was purchased on August 18, 1931 by Century Pacific Lines, Ltd., Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale, CA.  We find NC10872 in Tucson probably on August 18, 1931 flown by Frank Glennan.  He was carrying as passenger J.R. Wright.  They were westbound from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA.  This was probably the maiden voyage of this new airplane from the manufacturer.

The airplane was sold on March 31, 1932 to American Airways, Inc., New York, NY and converted to a nine-passenger/mail transport.  It flew with American for two years, then changed hands eight times through the remainder of the 1930s.

One exchange of note is the sale on September 2, 1936 by the Memphis Flying Club, Memphis, TN to Mid South Airways Corp., Memphis, TN.  This sale was consummated by Phoebe Omlie, the executor of her husband’s (D.C. Omlie) estate.

A “conditional sale” of this airplane seems to have gone sour on November 29, 1940.  No record of its activity supersedes that date.  The registration was cancelled on December 1, 1941.  No further information.


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