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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.


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Registration Number NC4074

"Rien de tous."

This aircraft is a Fairchild FC-2, S/N 59 (ATC #10), manufactured January 26, 1928 by Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing Corp., Farmingdale, NY. It sold for $13,170 (less $1,000 discount) to American Aircraft Corp., Los Angeles, CA and it was flown NY-LA for delivery on April 16, 1928.

It sold on April 18, 1928 to William H. Derwin of Claremont, CA for $12,105, barely breaking even on the initial cost, with no profit to American Aircraft Corp. Two photographs of NC4074, taken at June Lake, CA, dated 1928, can be found here and here.

It flew to Tucson twice. Its first landing was on Sunday, April 29, 1928 at 10:05AM. It was flown by F.C. Powell. Based at Ontario, CA, he carried two passengers, owner Derwin and E.J. Derking. They were westbound from El Paso, TX back to Ontario. No purpose was given for their trip, but the juxtaposition of aircraft delivery date and its visit at Tucson with the new owner on board suggests this was the ferry flight of the brand new airplane from New York to Los Angeles.

In what is probably a most exhilarating example of depreciation, NC4074 sold for $1,500 on February 17, 1930 to John M. Burnley, of Burnley Airport, Pomona, CA. it landed again on November 16, 1931 piloted by Eddie Bacque with Mr. Burnley as passenger. Based at Pomona, CA, they were headed to El Paso, TX. "Rien de tous" was written in the remarks column (meaning "Nothing at All"?). Refer to pilot Bacque's link to see an image of him and passenger Burnley.

Mr. Burnley sold NC4074 to Frank F. Greene of Burnley Airport on February 23, 1932 with 705 total flight hours. As of February 28, 1933 it was reported with 1,200 flight hours (a lot of flying by Mr. Greene in a year!) There is no further information available on this airplane, other than its registration was cancelled March 1, 1934.


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