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Some of this information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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Registration Number NC4945

Destroyed by Fire

Travel Air NC4945, Date/Location Unknown
Travel Air NC4945, Date/Location Unknown

This aircraft is a Travel Air 2000, S/N 443 (ATC #30), manufactured April 17, 1928 by Travel Air Manufacturing Co., Wichita, KS. It left the factory with a 90 HP Curtiss OX-5 engine, S/N M-4163. It weighed 2,180 pounds.

It sold for $3,315 the same day to Irving Carmichael of Blue Ash, OH. Five months later, on September 26, 1928, he sold it to Miss Charity H. Faber of Spokane, WA. The airplane was kept at Felts Field in Spokane and used, “For transportation to and from timber tracts.”

NC4945 landed at Tucson on September 22, 1928 piloted by J.E. Hart. He was westbound from El Paso, TX, headed for San Diego, CA. He listed in the remarks section of the Register, "2 hr. 40 minutes El Paso-Tucson, Ariz." He departed after 15 minutes on the ground at Tucson. He must have been in a hurry.

Travel Air NC4945, After Langdon Accident
Travel Air NC4945, After Langdon Accident

It’s hard to tell why the airplane was in the east, but Miss Faber submitted an address and name change on November 24, 1928 as Frankfort, OH and as Mrs. Charity Faber Langdon.

On November 2, 1929 the airplane was involved in an accident in Bennettsville, SC. Pilot Cecil L. Langdon (no license) of Moscow, ID suffered serious injuries; two passengers were uninjured. The report said, “Small soft field. Plane stalled on take-off and struck a car. Washout – fuselage buckled and wings cracked up.”

Unfortunately, the whole story does not appear on the NASM data card. Site visitor Paul Riley (cited, left sidebar) shares two news articles dated Monday, November 4, 1929 that describe the aftermath of the accident. The first, from the Florence, SC Morning News states,

"On Saturday afternoon about five o'clock the car in which Mrs. A.L. Breeden and her two children sat as they watched the maneuvers of a Circus airplane was struck by the plane and overturned seriously injuring all three. The children are Manning age 4 and Virginia aged 2, died of their injuries during the night.

"Investigation showed that the plane was attempting to rise when something went wrong and it came down diving into the automobile. Other children in the party were on the ground near the car and seeing the approach of the plane either threw themselves to the ground or ran out of the way thus avoiding contact with it.

"The accident was witnessed by a number of the relatives including the aged grandmother Mrs. W.A. Breeden.

"Mrs. Breeden while painfully wounded is expected to recover. A.L. Breeden father of the children is a member of the Builder's Supply Co., and the Breeden Automobile Co. here.

"The pilot of the plane, C.L. Langdon of Moscow, Idaho escaped with a broken nose and a demolished plane. The accident occurred on the Hamlet road about five miles from town.

"Mrs. Breeden before her marriage was Miss Mannie Manning and formerly lived at Bishopville."

Another, from the Charlotte (NC) Observer of the same date (with a dateline of November 3), follows. There are slight discrepancies in the children's ages. It states,

"Ardhie Manning Breeden, the four and half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie L. Breeden, who was injured yesterday afternoon when an airplane crashed into the Breeden's car, died at 4 o'clock this morning at Marlboro county general hospital six hours after the death of his little sister, Virginia, 13 months old, who was also injured in the accident.

".... Mrs. Breeden is still at the hospital suffering from slight bruises and cuts and from shock. The parents and numerous relatives survive.

"C. L. Langdon, pilot of the plane, which was here with an air circus at the county fair, remained in the hospital tonight with a broken nose.

"After a coroner's jury had held him [unreadable] airplane, he was arrested by Sheriff's forces. Amount of bond had not been set tonight. What charges will be brought against him had not been made known tonight."

According to the NASM record, Cecil Langdon received a violation for flying the aircraft in interstate commerce without a commercial license and was fined $500.

His airplane was sold at a sheriff’s sale due to damage to private property. It was purchased on May 2, 1930 by Glenn M. Crepps (mechanics license no. 11708) of Augusta, GA for $300. He rebuilt the airplane as of January, 1931 only to have it involved in another accident on April 30, 1931. It was, “Destroyed by fire with exception of bare fuselage”. No further information.


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