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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

From Richard Sanders Allen’s “Revolution in the Sky”, a book about Lockheed aircraft.

"Theodore T. Hull of Los Angeles brought the first Vegas into the
country in 1929. Hull, a thirty-six-year-old banker with a private pilot's license, had got the idea of servicing the Republic with an airline while on a flying tour of Latin America. He reasoned that making the big jump of converting Mexican transportation from slow rail and even slower muleback to airplanes would be an excellent business proposition. In the lush days of early 1929 there were enough financial backers in the United States who agreed with him....
Hull didn't economize on aircraft and he didn't economize on talent, either. He wanted experienced men who could start and run a
sizable air network right from scratch. The majority of C.A.T.'s [Coporacion Aeronautica de Transportes, S.A.] orginal personnel were
North Americans ...."

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Registration Number NC7728

South Of The Border

This aircraft is a Ryan B-1 Brougham, S/N 176. It derives from the same lineage as the “Spirit of St. Louis”, and was built the following year. The B.F. Mahoney Aircraft Corp., San Diego, CA manufactured it on 9/1/28. It was equipped with a 220 HP Wright J-5A Whirlwind engine, S/N B-9720. As a five-place aircraft, it weighed 3,300 pounds. The record indicates that the airplane was a “flyaway – delivered at Brownsville, Texas.”

An “NC” registration was issued on 7/2/29, and the airplane landed at Tucson on 7/6/1929 piloted solo by Theodore T. Hull. He was enroute from Los Angeles to Brownsville, TX. Hull was a promoter of air transport in South America (see excerpt at left).

As of 7/26/29 the airplane was being operated by Corporacion Aeronautica de Transportes, S.A. (“The C.A.T. Line”). Mexican registration XA-BHG was issued 10/15/29. It suffered an accident in Monterey, Mexico on 10/26/29, and pilot Frank E. Barron of Bakersfield, CA was killed. The airplane was a “washout.” There was no bill of sale filed for the airplane. The U.S. registration was cancelled 11/25/29.


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