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Waco NX5673 follows the same pattern of visits to Tucson as its two sister ships NX5533 (flown by Register pilot John P. Wood) and NX7527 (flown by Register pilot John Livingston). NX5673 landed on September 11, 1928 as a competitor in the 1928 National Air Races Class B event. This airplane was flown by Charles W. Meyers who placed 5th (25:04:13) in the New York to Los Angeles race that year.

There were three Waco ATO "Taperwing" aircraft that comprised the Waco race team that year. They placed 1st, 3rd and 5th in the Class B race. Follow this link to see an image of all three of these aircraft in the air at once. Follow this link to see an image of 5673 in a used airplane advertisement. The depreciation is exhilarating.

Waco NX5673
Waco NX5673

Below, from the June, 1929 issue of Aeronautics magazine, is a full-page advertisement that uses the same photograph of NX5673 as above. It mentions the success of the Waco during the 1928 National Air Races.

Advertisement, Aeronautics Magazine, June, 1929 (Source: Web)



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The Register
President (as of the upload date of this page) Andy Heins of the National Waco Club sent the image at left. Andy  runs the day to day business of the Club, and we should all thank him for the effort he expended to help us understand better the Waco aircraft that landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield way back when.
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