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Allen, Richard S. 1988. Revolution in the Sky: The Lockheeds of Aviation's Golden Age. Orion Books, NY. 253 pp.


I found no biographical file for pilot Westinghouse in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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The name of George Thomas Westinghouse is one of several global corporate giant families recorded in the Davis-Monthan Register. Erle Halliburton, Donald Douglas and Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fokker signed in as passengers. Henry Belin duPont and A. Felix duPont, Jr. landed piloting their own aircraft. As well, a large group of early aircraft manufacturers signed in (for example, Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, William T. Piper, Jr., Eddie Stinson)

Among these noted pilots and passengers, however, George Westinghouse visited most often (4 landings), probably because his father owned a ranch near Tucson (the “Flying W” ranch on Tanque Verde Road), and was a regular commuter in and out of the old Airfield. Actually, it’s surprising he didn’t sign the Register more often.

This link provides information on the Westinghouse family, especially the inventive George, Sr. Curiously, the museum site does not position our George Thomas in the family lineup.

George Thomas Westinghouse ca. 1940

From a pamphlet distributed at the Westinghouse Museum, however, the following is revealed. George Thomas was the first-born son of George Westinghouse III. Born in 1911 in Pittsburgh, PA, he was named after his two grandfathers, George Westinghouse, Jr., and Thomas Brocklebank. Photo, left, from that pamphlet. Pilot Westinghouse passed away in 1983.

When World War II began, he joined the Royal Air Force, met his bride-to-be in 1941, and they married and moved to Seattle, WA in 1946. Photo of his life-long bride Mariquita, right, also from the Museum pamphlet.

Mariquita Westinghouse ca. 1941

During October 2004, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with George Thomas’ wife, Mariquita, and their son, George IV. Photo, below, taken at that time. From left to right, George IV, Mariquita and your Webmaster.


Westinhouse Family, October 2004

While his family members hold many photos and other memorabilia of George Thomas’ life, they have requested that I not use any of them on our Web site. Out of respect for their request, I am including only those items for which I have permission, and which are available as public records.

George Thomas Westinghouse first recorded a landing at the Davis-Monthan Airfield sometime between August 29 and September 4, 1932 (he didn’t leave us the exact date). He was flying solo in a Waco, NC766K (anybody have pictures?). He was inbound from Los Angeles.

The other three, later landings at Tucson were in Lockheed Vega NC199E. This airplane (photo, below, from Allen reference, left) was named the “Elizabeth Lind”. Follow the link for more on NC199E.


The "Elizabeth Lind"


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I'm looking for information and photographs of pilot Westinghouse and his airplane to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.


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