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There is no data for NC6354 in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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This airplane was an Alexander Eaglerock Model A-?, S/N 637. It was manufactured by the Alexander Aircraft Co., Colorado Springs, CO. It allegedly left the factory with a single Hallett engine, although the engine type was recorded as a Wright J-4-B in the register. It was a three-place airplane. Eaglerocks were popular throughout the United States and many foreign countries. They were used as photographic platforms and crop sprayers, for barnstorming and even competitive air racing.

NC6354 appeared twice in the Davis-Monthan Airfield Register. The first entry was on October 14, 1929 at 1:10PM. The pilot was E.Burrell Smith carrying his wife as sole passenger. They cited their home base as Los Angeles, CA. They were southeast bound from Casa Grande to Douglas, AZ. No purpose was recorded for their flight.

The second landing was on October 29, 1930 at 4:45PM. The pilot was Paul E. Richter, Jr. He carried two passengers identified only as Kirke and Moore. They cited their home base as Los Angeles. They arrived at Tucson from Phoenix, AZ. Given their late arrival, they remained in Tucson overnight, departing westbound for Los Angeles the next morning at 8:30. A photograph of NC6354 is below wearing Los Angeles Examiner livery. It appears to carry the Wright engine.

Alexander Eaglerock NC6354, Los Angeles Examiner, Date Unknown (Source: Web via Kalina)
Alexander Eaglerock NC6354, Los Angeles Examiner, Date Unknown (Source: Web via Kalina)

Richter, through his company, Aero Corporation of California, was the west coast distributor for Alexander Eaglerock aircraft. This flight westbound through Tucson could have been a ferryi flight of a new airplane back to Los Angeles where it would be sold.

Alexander Eaglerock NC6354, Los Angeles Examiner, Date Unknown (Source: Web via Kalina)
Alexander Eaglerock NC6354, San Francisco Chronicle, Date Unknown (Source: Web via Kalina)

The pilot resembles Lee Willey, a known employee of Aero Corporation of California, and pioneer transport pilot for Standard Airlines. NC6354 appears in no other Registers. I do not know its ultimate fate. If you do, please let me KNOW.



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Thanks to Tim Kalina for help with providing the photographs.


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