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There is no biographical file for pilot Farnham in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum (NASM), Washington, DC.


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George Farnham, Ca. 1930s (Source: UT Dallas via North)
George Farnham, Ca. 1930s (Source: UT Dallas via North)

I have very little information about George Farnham. However, thanks to Branifflist.com Webmaster John North (cited, right sidebar), we know he worked for Braniff Airlines from January 1, 1935 until he retired (date unknown), carrying seniority number 31.

Farnham landed twice at Tucson. His first landing was on Friday, February 2, 1934 flying the Ryan NC313K (if you have information about this airplane, please let me KNOW; according to the FAA this number is now assigned to a Falcon jet). He carried three passengers, Eddie Woods, Mrs. O'Hara and Peck Woodside (see link below). Based at Glendale, CA they were eastbound from Yuma, AZ to Springfield, MO.

His second visit was on Saturday, August 11, 1934. He flew the Bach NR7092. He carried four passengers this time identified as Cleve Moore, Buddy Woodside, Mrs. Liddle and Mrs. Shields. Based again at Glendale, CA, they were eastbound from there to Brownsville, TX. Farnham noted in the Remarks column of the Register, "Hungry pilots, sick passengers." Please direct your browser to the airplane's link to learn about their itinerary, which would take them south into Mexico, and a statement by Farnham about their flight.

Farnham was born in 1908 and passed away on August 1, 1964 at age 56. His wife, Constance, passed away in 2002.

An interesting aside on the Branifflist site is an early Braniff fleet list, below. Identified as "pre-1945," it is organized in two columns with aircraft identified as coming from "Hanford/M-CA" and "Long & Harmon," and "Bowen." The list includes several Register aircraft. Hanford/Mid-Continent Airlines, Bowen and Long & Harmon Airlines were merged with Braniff. Coincidentally, Long & Harmon owned the Rearwin Ken-Royce NC592H raced by Jean LaRene.

Pre-1945 Fleet List of Braniff Airlines (Source: North)
Pre-1945 Fleet List of Braniff Airlines (Source: North)

Among the Register airplanes are the Lockheed Orion NC964Y, Lockheed Sirius NC167W, Lockheed Vegas NC49M, NC107W, NC288W, NC624E, NC905Y (landed at Tucson five times), NC160W (destroyed by a tornado on August 1, 1930 in Houston two days after its Tucson visit), and NC2875. Also listed are the Fokker F-10 NC535E and, penciled in at the bottom, the Stinson Detroiter, NC1929, flown by an early Braniff pilot, Frank Hover.



The Register

I'm looking for photographs of pilot Farnham and his airplanes to include on this page. If you have some you'd like to share, please click this FORM to contact me.

Thanks to John North, Webmaster of the Branifflist.com for sharing information on pilot Farnham. Please note, this is a password protected Web site. If you have justification, you may log in as a guest, however. Follow the instructions on the home page of Branifflist.

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