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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

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Registration Number NC8628

Got Out While The Getting Was Good in Hawaii

This aircraft was a Fleet Husky 1 with original manufacturer’s serial number 41. The Fleet Aircraft Company, Buffalo, NY built it on April 12, 1929. It left the factory at 1,580 lbs., with a 110 HP Warner Scarab engine S/N 217. It was a two-passenger airplane. See its sister ships, NC8601, NC8602, NC8610, NC8617 and NC8622.

It sold on April 12, 1929 to Lawrence Banks of Little Rock, AR. We see the airplane at Tucson on November 15, 1929 piloted solo by B.W. Frierton. Based in Little Rock, he was northwestbound from El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ.

On April 21, 1930, with approximately 250 flight hours, the airplane sold to Robert V. Weil of Culver City, CA. It suffered an accident at Inglewood, CA on January 9, 1932. It was repaired, inspected and approved for flight on January 26, 32.

On January 19, 1934 it was sold to Edward L. Peacock of Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. With about 1000 total flight hours over its five years of use. There is no record of its shipment to Hawaii.

On August 6, 1934, with 1320:30 flight hours, it suffered an accident in Honolulu. The, “airplane failed to come out of a spin and was demolished – complete washout. Accident occurred during flight test of applicant for limited commercial pilot license. No injury to pilot or damage to property. No undue publicity.”

Both pilot and examiner evidently got out of the aircraft and parachuted to safety. What the lack of “undue publicity” meant is anyone’s guess. Registration cancelled August 6, 1934.

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